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Industry store case sharing | smart retail, Norway Holzweiler online and offline physical brand store!


项目名称:HolzweilerProject name: Holzweiler
Project time: 2018
Project address: Oslo, Norway
Brand name: Holzweiler
Brand category: clothing, accessories
Target audience: Oslo residents/netizens
Business space: clothing brand stores
Design team: Sn hetta

Snøhetta was invited to design the physical and online retail space for Holzweiler, an oslo-based fashion house. On the overall space design, the whole space is characterized by soft tones and grid elements.
Holzweiler is keen to provide its customers with an online and in-store retail experience, so Sn hetta, in turn, needs to design a flagship store with a showroom and create a website to match it.
Holzweiler is a typical O2O operation model, which USES offline flagship stores to drain people and online websites to drain virtual store traffic. Also see creative smart retail, committed to digital transformation for more stores, the realization of smart retail, the construction of sustainable development of online and offline system!

The team's design for the Holzweiler showroom, flagship store and online sales channel all adopted a minimalist aesthetic, aiming to create a perfect customer experience -- bringing the brand and people closer together. User stickiness, become potential ultimate target! A good experience is what Sn hetta was designed for.
On the site, it USES a grid display that references the brand's signature checkered scarf.
In showrooms and stores, this is transformed into a grid of shelf elements, paired with curving displays of clothing, designed to evoke the brand's artisan approach.
Other details include concrete floors and oak tables.

The space features beige wool curtains connected to a grid system mounted on the ceiling. While paying homage to the brand's signature scarf, it also opens up the space, or transforms it into a series of more intimate rooms. The rest of the showroom was designed by Snohetta to evoke a "modern factory" feel, warm but industrial at the same time.

Concrete columns and floors form the backdrop of a series of undulating oak costume display cases, alongside oak furniture and marble tables, and arched mirrors interlace them. The showroom also includes the brand's design studio, which is visually connected to the main room through large glass Windows and has flexible storage Spaces made up of mirrors and creative boards.

Display form is very diverse, exhibition rack side hanging, custom furniture on the curved surface, desktop flat flat horizontal, custom shoe cabinet balanced symmetry placement, let the space elements and display way appear rich and colorful!



Online and offline O2O model, has been widely used in the business model, the retail industry is also covered! In the field of space design, we may focus on the design of space, which is in the physical block; For example, how to combine online and offline, such as how to achieve consistency in image between physical and aerial stores, how to pursue brand consistency in experience, and how to coordinate the way of drainage and transformation, are all topics worth thinking about in the future development of retail industry.