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Nike Experience Store: It's not that there are no people in the physical store, but your physical store is not attractive!


Nike category: clothing/bags and apparel/sports outdoor-sports/fitness/fan supplies, etc.

Logo meaning: speed, dynamic, softness, vitality.

Brand Honor: The 40th most valuable brand in the world in 2020.

△: The appearance of "House of Innovation Nike Shanghai 001"

Nike is a well-loved brand, so there is no need to repeat it.

Today I will share with you, Nike’s most popular experience store

-"House of Innovation Nike Shanghai 001".

I believe that after you enjoy it, you will have a new and real sense of the "retail experience"!

B1 floor: core midfield & menswear area

▷ Keywords / gamification thinking, core midfield

The fast-changing large screen and cool music special effects instantly upgrade an ordinary shop into a playground full of passengers! Nike members who participate in the game interaction will be ranked according to the rankings, just like the game rankings.

The B1 floor is a huge LED interactive display. With the assistance of Nike store athletes, the NIKEPLUS membership can be verified by scanning the code, and consumers can play the interactive game.

The content of the game is very simple. You can measure your body muscle data by simply running and jumping. You can also invite friends to PK to see who is agile. Data analysis shows your agility, the top rankings can be on the list, displayed on the LED screen!

01 floor: Nike home stadium & exclusive Shanghai

▷ Keywords / menswear area, Nike home stadium, urban culture

The first floor is connected to the gate of the shop, and is divided into two areas: Nike’s home stadium and exclusive Shanghai. A cool installation that can be seen from the entrance.

On September 16, 18, at the Berlin Marathon, Erud Kipchoge won the championship in 2 hours, 01 minutes and 39 seconds and set a new world record. NIKE 001 dynamically displayed the road to breaking speed with a dynamic electronic screen. And NIKE ZOOM technology.

Going back is the main area of Nike's home stadium to showcase new products of the season. The latest flagship styles and items can be found at a glance, and there are also "hidden surprises".

The hidden surprise is the device that always keeps rotating in the corner. It is used to display the LeBron sneaker made of Nike's Battleknit (shoe upper technology) model, which embodies the concept of "knitting".

△: A model embodying the concept of "weaving"

Nike Shanghai 001 not only represents the NIKE brand, but also represents the city of Shanghai. Therefore, another area on the first floor-Dumen Duhu, Nike created this area with the Shikumen brick wall with Shanghai characteristics. Trendy designs with the word "Shanghai" can be seen everywhere, exuding fashion and urban cross-border. taste.

In this area, Shanghai city series "Run Shanghai", 829 series, Xiaolongbao series and other Shanghai exclusive products and popular collections are displayed, showing the spirit of the city.

Looking up, there is a pleasant surprise. The T-shirts are being transported one by one on the conveyor belt. It feels like moving the factory production workshop over.

△: Tips for athletes

On the outer wall of the men's dressing room, there are stories about athletes such as Su Bingtian, Liu Xiang, Yi Jianlian and so on.

02F: Women's "net celebrity fitting room"

▷ Keywords / Women's Zone & Children's Zone, Aesthetic Design

The 2nd floor is a fashionable space specially created for girls. The light colors are mainly used here, and the light has become brighter and softer! It's not as lively as the men's wear area, and there is more women's tranquility.

As we all know, in recent years, NIKE has been working hard to reverse the "patriarchy" situation. So this is a fashion space specially created for girls, whether it is sports, training or daily wear, it can meet your needs here.

Maybe you think there is nothing special. When you come to the girls' fitting room, you will know how deep the "scheming" of Nike Shanghai 001 is.

A large number of sci-fi neon lights, wall lines with letters, colorful terrazzo and green plants, are full of romantic and delicate futuristic sense.

△: Fitting room on the 2nd floor

What's more "excessive" is that there is also a hidden mystery inside the fitting room. Here, you can adjust the fitting room lighting, natural light, yoga room, gymnasium, and experience each kind of light according to your own preferences, which perfectly eliminates chromatic aberration. It will definitely be the selfie mecca for girls.

You can also ask the staff in the store for help at any time through the "seeking consultation" button configured in each room. It is so sweet that people can't help but buy.

03F: Nike Fashion Shoes Association

▷ Keywords / Nike shoes, sense of participation

Nike shoes can be said to be a very important product sub-category of the Nike brand. The third floor is dedicated to displaying Nike shoes, called "SNKRS LAB". This whole floor is full of sneakers, and here is the first BESPOKE custom-made sneakers in Asia!

3F is definitely the highlight! The first thing I saw was the "tide shoe track" that was constantly rotating in the air.

Nearly a hundred models linger in front of them, and many people can't move their feet standing here.

Turn your head and look at the various shoes displayed on the wall, the latest Air Jordan and various joint names you can pick. The more you go up, the more you can't cover your wallet.

If you like a special customization, there is a separate room on the third floor which is the customization area. Unlike the NIKE customization in the exhibition, the customization service of Nike Shanghai 001 is the highest specification. One of the first companies in Asia to launch a one-to-one exclusive customized service for NIKE BY YOU, you can easily make an appointment through the Nike WeChat applet.

Under the designer's skillful hands, dip-dyeing, spray painting, and graffiti are all trivial meanings. From materials, soles, shoelaces to accessories, consumers can experience creating your unique and exclusive models in the world!

△:NIKE BY YOU one-to-one exclusive customized service.

△: Traditional shoe store vs Nike store focusing on experience

Nike's Shanghai 001 store confirms this sentence:

It’s not that there are no people in the physical store, but your physical store is not attractive!

The age of selling products is outdated. Nike has rekindled the desire for health of urban sub-healthy people through creative store experience design. It is not so much that they bought Nike, it is better to say that they bought a healthier one. Yourself! The future of retail will not only be branding, but also scene-oriented and experience-oriented.