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You Pay Whatever You Want, I'm not Interested in Money


The hottest thing in the near future is the "stalls economy", that is, the stalls.
The opening of the stall market has made the city's fireworks gradually thicker, and many net friends are also eager to try, "Let's set up the stall!"

Jewelry & Clothes

On a hot summer day, I have to ask what is on the market,
Of course, jewelry booths and T-shirt booths!
Walking through a street can often see a lot of beautiful young ladies surrounded by blingbling jewelry. Those ¥10 one-piece crew neck shirts, "two-stranded" vests, etc., are also easily bought by others.
So, how to be among many stalls

stand out?

Our slogan is:
Either don’t set up the booth, and once you set up the booth, you are the most beautiful one in the whole street
Make you the king of the night market

What is easy to make money selling on the ground?
Of course, it is jewelry, earrings, necklaces of various styles, eye-catching; T-shirts, everyone must have a few when the weather is hot, low input costs, high sales.

The floor space is limited, and one thing is multipurpose

The floor space is limited,
Therefore, jewelry racks and hangers must be multifunctional.
The jewelry stand is small and portable,
The hanger can be folded and stored.

Stall the Artifact


We present you a jewelry rack and a single pole hanger,

Portable storage and easy to carry, it's that simple!

This is a foldable, retractable single pole hanger. It is suitable for household and commercial use, and can be used as a hanger. Foldable, easy to transport, does not take up space. Universal wheel device, easy to move.


It's ok,

We can provide "one-stop" service,

Provide you with more diverse options.