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Case Sharing丨Another Clothing Store-Arabian Style Strikes Again



The case shared today originates from Dubai in the Middle East.
Let’s take a look at this shop together.

Project address: Sitheen Street
Brand categories: clothing, accessories
Commercial Space / Brand Store
Shop decoration: Hangzhou Dunli Display Props Co., Ltd.
Special thanks: thanks to the project team and the production team

Let’s take a look at this shop together.

Shop display  DESIGN brand

From the behavior of consumers, we can see that the products are laid out in order.

Women's clothing area   DESIGN brand

White walls, gray floor tiles. The whole is simple and bright.
The shelves are mainly white shelves with purple walls to enhance women's gentleness. First of all, this shop uses pop and light boxes in the districts to replace the traditional text guide system, so that customers can see it more easily and intuitively, and can also achieve a different visual communication effect. I believe that this method combined with traditional text will be very suitable for use in our clothing and footwear superstores.

Children's clothing area    DESIGN brand

Poster promotion elements, background theme elements, can be seen everywhere.
The entire wall is composed of multiple displays. The wall in the back area is in the form of a high island shelf combination, and the background of the wall is a picture frame. The stacking combination makes the wall itself form a level. The side cabinet and the middle island are relatively simple, and the gantry has become the main display method.

DESIGN brand in cashier area

As the background of the cashier area, the large LED display advertising has a strong visual impact, which not only enhances the vitality of the entire store, but also allows waiting customers to learn about the brand and its activities.

Men's clothing area

DESIGN brand

The men's wear area is matched with blue wall color blocks to distinguish other areas.
The store shelves are very uniform, the only difference is the pop and soft outfits on the shelves. In addition, on top of the commonly used laminates, scene display points are set up to greatly increase the utilization of space and also enhance the customer's shopping experience. This method of adding scene display on common shelves is now needed by many businesses. We can improve the atmosphere of this scene experience based on this method, so as to achieve the purpose of upgrading the store experience.