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C-star 2020 Comes to A Successful Conclusion | Thanks for Having You


From September 2 to 4, 2020, C-Star opened a new chapter in

the N1 Pavilion of Shanghai New International Expo Center.During the

three-day event, 134 exhibitors and 9,006 professional visitors were invited.

As one of the C-STAR exhibitors, Hangzhou Dunli store & display fixtures to bring you the scene.

Spring rains,
Spring greens,
Spring breezes ,
But pales before  meeting with you!

Meet in Shanghai to Show Our Future Together

Hangzhou Dunli store & display fixtures Co., LTD. Is a retail display equipment manufacturer with mature production experience,

has 24 years of professional production experience.We have a professional design team, to provide customers with one-stop fixtures design

services.Including the overall image design, product design and packaging design.This year show fixtures in the exhibition with

old and new friends to discuss the industry experience, discuss the future together.

Let's take a look at the elegant demeanor on the display stage fixtures !

Many Highlights, Many Wonderful

In the 3-day process, the store & display fixtures team had a long talk with peer enterprises,

old customers and new customers, and had a further understanding of each other.

The audience was very satisfied with the overall atmosphere of the exhibition.
"This is the third time for us to participate in the C-Star exhibition. In February this year,

we also participated in Euroshop in Germany.Every time I join C-Star,

I will promote the development of our business, so that our partners become more and more high-quality,

and the cooperation with C-Star is more and more pleasant."Said Tian Yali, LRC's marketing director.
C-star2020 has come to a successful conclusion. Let's meet C-Star 2021!

—The  End—